Hi, I'm Kate...


the creator of Kate wellness. I am a qualified nutritionist and beautician from Colombia living in Australia. 


We help people boost their self-esteem through body contouring massages and nutritional guidance. In addition to shaping and detoxifying the body, these massage techniques improve bowel movements, promote healthy circulation and enhance relaxation.   

We also complement our massages with nutritional education so our clients can make better choices and stay motivated to be healthier in the long term.

Nutrition as a science is constantly evolving so every meal plan is based on up-to-date research.

My purpose

To impact people’s lives physically and emotionally by improving their relationships with themselves and with food.

I have more than 5 years of experience transforming lives.

My techniques

In addition to the nutritional guidance, I offer Divine Body Detox and Wood abs massages, which are Colombian techniques that help the body to remove toxins and fat through the lymphatic system. 

These relaxing sessions also help to shape the body and improve body circulation.

We also provide a range of facial treatments  to cleanse the skin and prevent premature aging. 

My location

Kate Wellness Centre is located at 42 Macarthur St, Ultimo, NSW 2007.

 I also do online nutritional consultations to clients all over the world in English and Spanish.

My Education

Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics – Pontificia Javeriana University, Colombia

Beauty and Cosmetology – Polytechnic Fundation Corpo, Colombia

Master in Public Health and Bussiness administration – Torrens University Australia



  • Up-to-date research: Nutrition based on scientific evidence with constant updating.
  • Highly skilled and experienced: More than 5 years tranforming lives. 
  • Comprehensive treatment: Nutrition and Body harmonization 
  • We put our heart into our work: Our objective is to help you improve your lifestyle and health.
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