Our meal plans aim to educate people to make better decisions and have healthy and conscious eating habits.

Customised meal plan

For those who have health conditions or gastrointestinal issues and those who feel they have good healthy habits but just want to make sure they are doing it right.

Online or face to face


3 Appoiments

Follow-up session

To check your progress and give you more material and recipes for your journey to better health.


Online or face to face


1 Appoiment

Customised meal plan

Includes 3 appointments:

  1. Nutritional status evaluation: food habits, family background and diseases, physical activity, weight.
  2. Explanation of materials: Healthy recipes, menu example, serving size guide, shopping list guide.   
  3. First following up session: check the progress and make changes if they are necessary. 

Following up session

  • You will obtain more material to help you with your food habits. We also will evaluate your changes in different aspects during your process.
  •  Three additional monthly follow-up sessions are recommended to track your progress and make any alterations to your plan. 
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